Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Were you "mothered" by your Mother?

    I was recently asked this question "were you 'mothered' by your mother?". Without hesitation I thought "of course!". Not just taken care of, but actually "mothered". So, I decided to list some of the most important things my mother taught me that I want to pass on to my girl (or girls if the Lord allows). In no particular order, they are as follows:

1. You are a daughter of THE KING...don't forget it.

2. Guests should never enter your home without being offered a beverage and/or something to eat. If they refuse, keep asking every few minutes...they'll cave eventually.
3. Sauteing onions on the stove while dinner's cooking makes it smell more "fancy"...and more "ready".
4. Always fix up a little before your husband comes home. If the barn door needs paintin'...
5. Make the bed before you leave...you might die before you come home. Do you really want them coming in to see your bed unmade??
6. Clean as if the Queen of England were coming to visit.
7. Remember who you are and whose you are.
8. You can always count on me (your mother).
9. Nothing is too difficult for God.
10. Chicken Salad is the only way to go for a baby shower, wedding shower or ladies' lunch.
11. When a friend is sick or a relative of theirs passes away...take a meal.
12. Never sit on a public toilet seat...there's cooties on there.
13. I will ALWAYS love you...no matter what you do. I will ALWAYS love you.
14. Always check for toilet paper on the bottom of your shoe when leaving a public restroom.
15. Turn to the side when taking a photogragh.
16. Show hospitality to everyone.
17. Love your enemies. OK, that's in the Bible too, but I'm pretty sure that's where she got that.
18. Good girls don't call boys. Oops. I'm changing it to "good girls don't call boys and if they do, they get beat."
19. When people are coming over and you ran out of time...throw it all in the dryer.
20. And finally...Have a godly day. For what good is there in a "good" day if it isn't godly?"

     Obviously, some are more serious than others, but it's all very helpful. :-) If I'm HALF the mom that mine was, I'll be doing good. Thank you, mother, for the past 34 years of "mothering"!! I love you!!

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