Monday, October 25, 2010

Move it, girl!

     When I was younger, probably about 12, I started redoing my room every now and then. On Friday or Saturday nights when we would just be hanging around the house, I would clean out my room. It started as a little clean-up but would quickly become a major clean-OUT. I LOVED getting rid of things...even as a young girl. After I'd get everything cleaned out that I wanted to throw away or give away, I'd start rearranging the furniture. Yep. Even as a preteen I had the built-in desire to move things around...constantly. I'd clear the walls and set up vignettes (even though I didn't know that what they were called at the time) and redo the walls after. I'd vacuum and dust til everything was perfect. I'd set the lighting to be atmospheric, thinking about reading light, overhead light, and accent lighting, even though I had no idea what that all was. It was just in me. Once everything was set to my liking...the big reveal.

     I swear I was meant to have my own show. I'd have both parents come look at what I had done. I'd show them around the room and even into the closet. My work was always met with the proper amount of "oohs" and "ahhs" to satisfy me. I'd do this redo every few months. Then I started wanting to redo the walls. My mom actually let me wallpaper paste torn brown paper to the walls...all of them. It looked great! I loved my room after we were finished.

     My point is, if Kate and any other daughters I may have, want to redo their rooms like that...more power to them. I loved the freedom it gave me to make the space my own. And it made me learn how to keep everything I wanted in a small space and keep it orderly. That's been handy the last year as I am now living in a smaller space. Looking ahead at moving into an even smaller space, I'm already thinking about what to get rid of and how to stash what I keep. I want our kids to feel at home in their home. My mom used to let me change things around all the time. Even now, I do it when we visit. I appreciate how they let me use what was in me without discouraging me. I can't wait to see how our daughters use the gifts they're given. How fun to watch our gifts from God use their gifts from God.


  1. my sweet girl!
    while reading, I was spending time again with the cutest little blond headed gift! Thank you for making time to pen (in 21century style) these precious fact, your redos were earlier chalking off floor plans for your little houses...tea party areas, school areas, & store areas in your room pre-6 years...oh, let's go back to when you were just 18 months...@34 inches in height you would open your little corregated (cardboard) mickey mouse drawer set & select an outfit, re-dress yourself!, and after about 20 minutes select a new outfit & re-dress yourself!, and again, and again, until you exhausted your clothing or me!!!
    what precious memories! You were & continue to be my best gift EVER!!! loving you 20 pounds! momma/mama

  2. I remember being part of the brown paper wallpapering episode :)