Monday, September 21, 2009

Following directions

Oy. I have sat at this computer for the last hour and a half trying to change the template of the blog. I read countless instruction sites and tried a hundred different ways of doing it. I finally scrolled down a little further and saw the REST of the directions. If only I had done that an hour and a half ago. I wouldn't have a horrible crink in my neck or a sore bottom from this wretched chair! Oh well. The new blog is prettier than the old one, I think. ;-)

Why don't we follow directions anyway?? I'm the worst about diving in and not even looking at the instruction manual. Give me a bookcase from IKEA with a billion different parts, and I'm in hog heaven. Toss the manual and dive in...that's me. You'd think I was a man or something. I can remember my teachers in elementary school always saying "you need to slow down and follow the directions".

The one area that I don't want to ignore instruction is my spiritual life and ministry. Right now I'm really seeking my ministry. 10 years ago when I moved here, I really felt lead to the area of inner-city ministry. Over the last few years I have felt a shift to women and now to moms. I love mamas. I love being a mama. I love being around mamas. I'm inspired by other mamas. I'm encouraged by other mamas. I LOVE MAMAS.

So, what now?? What do I do with all that? Hmmm...

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