Thursday, September 3, 2009

30 minute warning??

So, I learned a long time ago from my Roomdog that there's not much of anything funnier than someone falling down. Terrible, right? But, it's true. If it weren't, shows like America's Funniest Video wouldn't spend hours on it each year. There. I've justified myself. Pair the humor of falling down with the humor of a loopy dog and you've got $100,000. Poor Chico. He's a little altered right now. Earlier today it started to thunder really bad, and he began his usual freakout. I remembered that I had gotten him some tranquilizers last time we were at the vet. So, I pulled the bottle out of the pantry and read the instructions. They read as follows: "Give 1/4 tablet 30 minutes before stressful event". Seriously? Being the literalist that I am I thought, "Really? How am I supposed to know a storm is coming in EXACTLY 30 minutes? That the first clap of thunder or bolt of lightning will occur in EXACTLY 30 minutes??". It totally stressed me out! So, I took a whole one and gave him a quarter.

Seriously though, we don't have the luxury of knowing when a stressful event is going to occur. I don't care how much we plan or how in control we are of our lives. It just plain, old doesn't work that way. Just think of it. If this were the case we could be totally ready...armed and dangerous...ready to ward off whatever comes our way. But in reality, these are the moments that push us closer to God. Without the unexpected, unplanned for nature of stressful events, we wouldn't be thrust onto our knees when they hit. We wouldn't be forced to rely fully on God. We wouldn't be powerless before Him, trusting in HIM to bring us through. I'm sad to admit that these are the times when I'm closest to God. In light of some recent events, this is an area of my life that I'm really focusing on...getting back into the face of God. Getting back in His face with my ear up to His mouth...listening. Not only when I'm stressed. Not only when something life-altering occurs. Not only when I can't go anywhere else for help. He IS my Help. He IS my Refuge. He IS my Rock.

I grew up in the Banner Ministry at church and learned the names of God from the most godly women on the planet. Those are the names I'm clinging to. Those are the ONLY names worth dropping. Those are the ONLY names with the power to bring us through stressful events. There are all kinds of names on all kinds of different bottles, and from experience, I know the only one to cling to is...Jesus. Cling to Him, friend. Let's dig our fingernails into the hem of his garment and hang on tight. He is the only Way, and He loves you.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. Your message is so true...I needed to hear it!