Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I can't think of a title...

     I've never been a scheduled person. Never met a schedule I liked. I was on time for high school classes because I had to be. In my world, however, college classes started 5-10 minutes later than the schedule said. Sadly, if I didn't have to punch a clock at a job, I was most likely a few minutes late there also. If you're a former employer of mine, just know it wasn't personal. I liked you. Just not the schedule. And if you're a friend, you know to tell me 10 or so minutes earlier than you want to meet so I'll actually be there at the time you want. Again, nothing personal. There's just something intrinsic in me that abhors being on a schedule. Well.
     Then I had Samuel. Most gals I met were reading books about scheduling their babies and figuring out what time their kid would poop. I was internally thinking, "seriously, girl, you need to relax". I mean, Samuel took naps twice a day like all the other babies in America, but if we were off by an hour or so, I didn't lose sleep over it. Same with Kate. But now that they're older I'm beginning to see the value of a more scheduled life. I'm not running a stop watch or anything during our daily activities, but I'm trying to establish more of a routine and schedule for our week. And may I just say that I, uh, sorta kinda, am a little bit...enjoying it. There I said it. I, Theryssa Michele Fant Gossman, am enjoying the benefits of living a less "flying by the seat of our pants" lifestyle.
   Samuel starts soccer this Friday and well, yoga, tomorrow. I got acupuncture last week, so if there was ever doubt, I'm a REAL hippie now. Thus, the yoga. Anyway. We have MOPS twice a month with all kinds of activities during the month, and he's really interested in doing some homeschool. The point is, if I'm gonna have all this going on, I should probably get a planner and actually USE it. Am I the only one who buys planners because they're cute and then doesn't use them? Can I get a witness??
     So, this year I plan on being more organized and less flustered. I can't promise I'll be on time if we meet for lunch, but I'll at least REMEMBER the lunch because of my new planner. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

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